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I am the Latin America research professor with the U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute. My work is focused on Latin America and the Caribbean, and its relationship with the US and the rest of the world, including extra-hemispheric actors such as Russia, China, and Iran. I also write about strategic trends in Latin America, transnational organized crime and other issues that affect the region, and the US through the bonds of commerce, geography and family that bind us to it.

I generally share 1-4 articles per month which I have personally published, as a means of professionally keeping in touch with those, such as yourself, who share my interest in topics involving the region.

This site is to make available the articles that I have published on the region.

I value your interest in my work and the opportunity to interact with you through this site and my associated newsletter.

I do not and will not seek to charge any fee for this site, or share your email with others…but use it as a way of professionally keeping in touch. If you wish to receive my occasional publications through this site, I would welcome your joining, by signing up, as a vehicle for continuing in touch…


Evan Ellis